Insightful Article at BookBub Helps Indie Authors Craft More Effective Advertising Blurbs

If you’re an indie author and you’re preparing a blurb for an ad or a promotion, you want to read this article that offers useful tips from the folks at BookBub on how to get your blurb to make readers CLICK! They used an A/B testing methodology.

Some of the tips are no-brainers: If you have won a prestigious award, include that! If your work fits a subgenre, identify it.

Some of the tips are genre specific:  A cookbook blurb should include the number of recipes in the book. As a frequent browser of cookbooks on Amazon, I can attest that I want to know the number. I want lots of recipes. I also want to know the niche–Mediterranean, gluten-free, Paleo, allergy-free, etc. But how many recipes: important.

Another genre-specific one: Chick Lit books need to give clues to the protagonist’s age. I haven’t read a Chick Lit in years, but I know that I preferred readers who were in their thirties or older back when I did consume them. (We used to call that Hen Lit if the protagonist (s) were middle-aged.)

One tip made me smile: Punctuation for emphasis doesn’t matter, other than one exception. Readers, it seems,  like ellipses when the genres advertised are those with scary or suspenseful elements. I wonder if it’s because that punctuation is a subtle, visual version of the cliffhanger, so it appeals to readers who prefer genres such as horror and suspense.

Interesting stuff, right?

These tips surely work for back-of-the-book and other blurbs.

Always think about how to give browsing target-audience readers what they want to see, quickly, engagingly. What makes them want to LOOK more closely–and hopefully buy–your book.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article. It’s worth checking out before you write that ad blurb.


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